Aline Verstraten
Giovanna Caimmi
Elise van Mourik
Ingel Vaikla
Lieven Van Speybroeck
Ode de Kort
Eleanor Duffin
Patricia Domingues
Griet Moors
Nadia Sels
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Carla Swerts
Patrick Ceyssens
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Sofie Gielis


Maria Gil Ulldemolins
Saidja Heynickx
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Kris Pint


(Sofie Gielis & Patrick Ceyssens)
Giovanna Caimmi

The artwork has become “describable” today, while, historically, it was not possible to write it down in words. Beneath the immediate theme, one can find infinite layers, such as light, colour, spacial perspective, memory, auras, ghosts, mysterious events, blind spots, dark holes, which concerned either the cure or the expression of one’s soul. The sum of these layers was conceptual, therefore, great art has always been conceptual. I support the need to bring back art in the realm of the unutterable.
This artistic inquiry is divided in two sections:
The first moves along antinomies: the dichotomy existing between two spaces of our mind, the North/South duality; my Northern obsessions; the concept of “density” in ancient and contemporary art.
The second is a vivisection of my artwork. I will focus on lights, marks, mediums, about the buoyancy line of the photographic image in my work; drawing as independent artwork and the synesthesia between technological equipment and traditional forms of art: video, drawing and sculpture.