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Griet Moors

The Painting and Beyond: Erasing Boundaries.

Communication in the network of hybrid visual languages.

As a painter it is natural to have passion for painting. And as an architect it is natural to have a fascination for space. Being both, there’s no doubt about it: I am fascinated with painting AND space, and more particularly with the way in which those two connect. I am absolutely intrigued by the use of colour in space, and by the definition of space in a painting. But I am even more curious about how they both intertwine. In a pretty ungraspable way, they flow into each other. They communicate on a level which sometimes seems obvious, but I am inclined to think there are so much more connections in many different ways.

In this PhD research transdisciplinarity and hybrid art are core concepts, but the research also stays loyal to painting’s tradition. Alex Coles, art and design critic and professor of Transdisciplinary Studies, puts the connection like this: ‘Artists and designers are now defined not by their discipline but by the fluidity with which their practices move between the fields of architecture, art, and design.