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Peter Snowdon

Peter Snowdon is an associate researcher at MAD Faculty, where he is preparing a practice-based PhD on vernacular video and documentary film practice after the Arab Spring.

His feature-length montage film, The Uprising (Rien à voir/Third Films, 2013), based entirely on YouTube videos from the Arab revolutions, won the Opus Bonum Award for best world documentary at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival in October 2013, and had its North American premiere at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, as part of their 2014 Documentary Fortnight. His essays exploring the political and aesthetic significance of these online videos have appeared in Culture Unbound, In Media Res, Smala Cinéma, Mada Masr, and (forthcoming) Fast Capitalism. Peter held an LSM bursary at PXL from 2011 to September 2014, when he was appointed Lecturer in Filmmaking at the University of the West of Scotland.

PhD Committee: Sofie Gielis (promoter), Erik Moonen (co-promoter), Wendy Morris, Leen Engelen, Samah Selim.

Website: www.theuprising.be

The Uprising