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(Sofie Gielis & Patrick Ceyssens)
Arne De Winde

Arne De Winde is lecturer and researcher at PXL-MAD – School of Arts. He’s also lecturing at LUCA – School of Arts (Sint-Lucas Visual Arts – Ghent).

From 2004 until 2016 he worked as a researcher of the Funds for Scientific Research – Flanders (FWO – Vlaanderen) at the Department of Literary Studies of the University of Leuven.

His work encompasses the most diverse domains, ranging from contemporary German literature (Reinhard Jirgl, Thomas Meinecke, Kenneth Goldsmith, Silke Scheuermann, etc.) and the reception of conservative discourses, more particularly of Oswald Spengler, in contemporary culture, over 20th-century photography and word-and-image interaction to the imagination of sports and the clandestine history of the mattentaart (a peculiar Belgian cake). He’s member of the editorial board of cultural magazine rekto:verso and co-founder and -editor of COLLATERAL. Online Journal for Cross-Cultural Close Reading.